Saturday, June 4, 2016

Immigration is a band-aid

The American Conservative has published my new op-ed, "The Immigration Band-Aid," in which I discuss the connection between low-skill immigration and the native underclass. A sample:
It is often said that immigrants “do the jobs that Americans won’t do.” While there are no major immigrant-dominated jobs in the U.S.—even about half of drywall installers are native-born—the claim does contain a kernel of truth. For over 50 years, a growing percentage of native-born American men have dropped out of the labor force altogether. For these men, every available job is a job they won’t do. Rather than focus on reversing the trend of idleness among native men, American politicians and business leaders have bandaged the problem with immigrant labor. A steady supply of new immigrants means less need for low-skill native workers, and the idleness problem is left to fester.
Read the whole thing there. And stay tuned for more from me on this topic.


  1. Native born men have been pushed out of the workforce by feminism. The doctrine of disparate impact, the notion of protected classes of people, the supreme court ruling that bans intelligence testing among organizations, allowing women's only student groups while forbidding mens only student groups.

  2. And where is the music? I see you posted at 9:11, which reminds me of this country's suicide. Notice that suicidal people give away all their belongings.