Supportive statements from others

Here are links to supportive statements made by prominent journalists and scholars. I've pulled some of the most informative quotes.

J. Christian Adams

Scott Alexander

Michael Barone

Henry Harpending: "The recent kerfluffle over Jason Richwine’s dissertation, where there are data and where the pundits have not a clue about it, is a shame and disgrace for both journalists and those who publish them."

Steve Hayward

Adrian Hilton

Jeff Jacoby: "...Nothing in Richwine’s dissertation was outside the perimeter of normal academic debate or anywhere close to it. He did what scholars are supposed to do — conducted research, analyzed data, asked questions, drew conclusions — and he did it, by all accounts, with integrity. He published his work openly and made his data available for scrutiny. In public forums, he engaged in debate and discussion. Isn’t that how the marketplace of ideas is supposed to function?"

Razib Khan

Roger Kimball

David Limbaugh

Michelle Malkin

Erik Mesoy

Paul Mirengoff

Charles Murray: "A rereading of the dissertation last weekend confirmed my recollection that Richwine had meticulously assembled and analyzed the test-score data, which showed exactly what he said they showed: mean IQ-score differences between Latinos and non-Latino whites, found consistently across many datasets and across time after taking factors such as language proficiency and cultural bias into account. I had disagreements then and now about his policy recommendations, but not about the empirical accuracy of his research or the scholarly integrity of the interpretations with which I disagreed."

National Review (unsigned editorial): "Richwine’s careful work bore the signatures of three prominent Harvard professors, and its subject matter, while taboo, should be considered a legitimate area of scholarly inquiry."

Greg Pollowitz: "Let’s by all means have a debate on all of this, but the default reaction that Richwine is somehow a racist because of his statistical research is a dishonest attempt to spin the immigration reform issue, and it should stop."

Mark Steyn

Andrew Sullivan

James Thompson: "I have had a look at what Jason Richwine has said, and his comments are in line with the current data." 

Robert VerBruggen: "It’s a pity that none of Richwine’s detractors seem to have seriously engaged the paper, because an actual discussion of the ideas therein would be fruitful."

Jelte Wicherts

Dianne Williamson: "Jason Richwine deserves a defense against the intellectual bullying that drove him from his job."

Byron York 

Bill Zeiser: "I sense that the real issue is that no one is to be 'allowed' to ask certain questions anymore."