Sunday, May 22, 2016

New immigrant welfare analysis published

Earlier this month, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) published my new report on the cost of immigrant and native welfare use. The analysis was fairly involved, since it required not only averaging household costs in the Survey of Income and Program Participation, but also imputing the cost of non-cash programs and adjusting the totals to match budgetary data. The main results are shown in the table below.

The report garnered some media attention -- so much, in fact, that it briefly felt like three years ago. I've collected a few media clips below.

First, kudos to Stephen Loiaconi with the Sinclair Broadcast Group for an excellent news article on the study. In an age when many online journalists do little more than re-phrase a press release, Mr. Loiaconi truly did his homework, interviewing multiple experts on both sides of the debate and digging into the methodology in a way that no one else did. A colleague of mine noted that he was so accustomed to biased reporting on immigration that his brain could barely process such a fair article!

I reflected on some of the other reactions in a blog post for CIS.

Finally, WorldNetDaily did both a taped interview and a live interview.

Update: I found the first half of my radio interview with Bill Kelly on WRKO.

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  1. I agree with your analysis of everything but our way of life is in danger. We don't want to descend into third world tribalism. Other than violence is there another solution? The government's programs are so idealistic that they had to hold interest rates at zero or negative for how many years? What we need is a culture war. Things are not right man. I guess we need to just say that discrimination against higher iq individuals is real. We cannot tell the origins of someone's ancestry but most of us can tell iqs. I can almost fell the rot around me.